Take Ham Radio Exams in La Paz on Dec. 19

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Take Ham Radio Exams in La Paz on Dec. 19

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Take Ham Radio Exams in La Paz on Dec. 19

Thursday, December 10, 2009 1:46:00 PM
Last updated: Thursday, December 10, 2009 1:46:00 PM

LA PAZ, Mexico — Boaters can take the official FCC exam for amateur (ham) radio licensing in La Paz on Dec.19 — which is much easier for Mexico cruisers than returning to the U.S. for testing.

Ham radio remains an important communications link for long-range cruising boaters, especially those interested in sending and receiving free personal e-mail through their onboard SSB marine radios while far from land.

According to Dennis Ross, the volunteer examiner who is organizing the ham tests, the December exam will tentatively be given at the Maracay Computer Shop in La Paz, but that location will be confirmed the week before the exam.

Pre-registration is suggested, so sufficient exams at the appropriate license levels can be ready. Anyone can sign up for the Dec. 19 exam in La Paz by e-mailing Ross at marinesurveys@bluewaterketch.com or by calling his cell phone in Mexico: (011 52) (612) 136-4613.

The exam fee of $14 U.S.D. or the peso equivalent does not need to be paid at pre-registration, and it can be paid right before the exam is given.

The next ham radio licensing exam in Baja California is being planned for sometime during the second week in April, or “just before Bay Fest,” Ross said.

The huge Bay Fest event starts with a wine and cheese kickoff party April 8, and the main festival is April 9-11 in La Paz harbor. The exact date and location of the ham exam will be announced a week before the exam is to be given, so sign up early for all the details.

If sufficient interest is received, Ross and his fellow ham radio volunteers plan to offer another licensing exam April 29 at Hidden Port Yacht Club in Puerto Escondido, Baja California. It will be right before Loreto Fest, April 20-May 2. For details on Loreto Fest, visit www.hiddenportyachtclub.com.

Already a ham and want to help Baja California boaters get licensed? Information on becoming a volunteer examiner (VE) can be found at http://www.w5yi-vec.org. Click the link on the left-hand navigation bar for more information. Those holding an Extra Class ham license are preferred, but anyone with a General Class ticket can become an examiner for Technician Class applicants, Ross said.


This article first appeared in the December 2009 issue of The Log Newspaper. All or parts of the information contained in this article might be outdated.


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