Gas Station Rip offs, the good, the bad, the ugly......

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Gas Station Rip offs, the good, the bad, the ugly......

Post  John on Fri Mar 19, 2010 12:52 am

So I got a new one pulled on me at the Pemex at 5 de Mayo and Isabela Catolica (the one just down the street a few blocks from the governor's mansion or whatever it is). I asked for 300 pesos. She asked me if I needed a "ticket". I said no. The lady put in the pump, and it shut off pretty quick. I admit, I didn't look this time. She came back, said the unit stopped and she needed to put in 200 pesos more. Which she kind of did. When I left, I only had a 1/4 tank. I'm not used to getting much for 300 pesos here, but that seemed even low for me. Rough calculations as I drove down the road said I should have gotten a bit more than half a tank. Not even close. Went back later in the day to complain. Other guy basically knew I was right and told to come back in the morning. Of course, in the morning, the units were closed out, supposedly, so there was now no proof. "Manager" said to come back and he'd have her give the money back. But of course, when I did, she whined and nearly fake cried on us and he did nothing. So we went to Profeco. As it turns out, this station is one of the most complained about in La Paz.

Still not 100% sure I was right, I went and spent 300 pesos at Abasolo and 5 de Febrero, which has a good rep. I got more than half a tank. I started with zero and ended up with just over half. At the other place, I started with just under 1/4 and left with just under 1/2. And it gets worse, my mother in law got ripped off there too using the same technique. Apparently they pretend to put in 100 pesos, then actually put in the rest. Moreover, even the employees there say the pumps are calibrated to short people, even when you're not being actively ripped off.

Well, found one bad station, one good one. I wondered how it was my little VW was getting such mediocre mileage. And why I always am POOR. Sheesh. And sadly, I actually remember going to another gas station once and being shocked at how much fuel I got for the same amount of money. And now I know. Fortunately, Abasolo (Polanco's, I believe) is close by, so it's our new Pemex.


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