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Arroyo on way to Los Planes....

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Arroyo on way to Los Planes.... Empty Arroyo on way to Los Planes....

Post  John Thu Dec 10, 2009 5:36 am

If you ever want a cool Mexican way of spending a day with family and friends, head out towards Los Planes and right about KM22, there's a dirt road that heads off to the right. There's a sign there, I believe it says Matoncitas or something very close. And you head out on that road about 5km passing a few ranchettes and you arrive at an arroyo with a lot of large trees scattered throughout. If you go on the weekend, early, it might be deserted, but by about noon, more and more families will roll in and set up camp and start BBQing in the shade. And then small herds of pigs (los cochis) will pass by looking for leftovers and handouts. And goats will pass by with dogs. And it's just a great place to hang out and drink beer and BBQ. Nice place to do a little hiking and take pictures too with a little spring at the far end. Facilities are 'au natural', however.


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