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My name is Rick Hawkins. I have experience as a General Contractor, having built and remodeled five homes in the Palm Springs, CA area. My University education is in Architecture and Design. My passion is Designing Interiors and Exteriors, creating custom Floor Plans, Supervising the Construction, and finally doing the Interior Furnishings and arranging Landscaping. I learned that it does not take a fortune to build or furnish a home, but it can have the appearance of such. I purchased a lot in the La Paz area some years back, and have completed my custom floor plans. I moved permanently to Baja Sur in 2007. I opened RICKEY RICARDO'S, an upscale Home Furnishings and Accessories retail business, in La Paz January 2008. I am now located in beautiful Todos Santos, still serving La Paz and now Los Cabos more easily. Home Furnishings in all styles from Contemporary to Regional Colonial are at the best prices in Baja. Furnishings "Packages" are at greater discounts, and again you can have the 'million dollar' look for a small fraction thereof.

I joined business with a local Mexican Builder / Engineer in La Paz for over 25 years. With my History and Expertise in Design and working with the public, and my partner's expansive Portfolio and Construction experience, we are offering a great service to anyone wanting to build in Baja Sur. We can do it all, including the securing of most all paperwork and legal documents. I personally will be on-site on a daily basis to insure your property is being improved as per our contract. It is my objective to insure that your home is completed on schedule and not to have periods of seemingly no work in progress. I take pride in my work and quality of construction will not be compromised. I am very observant and do everything possible to avoid any future problems that are so widely prevalent in the area. We offer the lowest price per job or dollar per square foot to any comparable construction or Builder. It is our goal to give you quality at a fair price, and we strive not to be under bid. Building costs are seemingly at an all time low, so this may be the time to take full advantage of the current state of the economy.

Please visit my website and contact me to discuss any or all of your Construction and / or Home Furnishings needs. Thank you. www.rickeyricardos.com

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